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Keywords: Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles Market penetration Agent-based model a b s t r a c t A spatially explicit agent-based vehicle consumer choice model is developed to explore sensitivities and nonlinear interactions between various potential influences on plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) market penetration. The model accounts for spatial and social(More)
This study presents a prototype of a spatially-explicit and socially-embedded agent based model to study adoption of plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) technology under a variety of scenarios. Heterogeneous agents decide whether or not to buy a PHEV by weighing environmental benefits and financial considerations (based on their personal driving habits, their(More)
A Parallelized sharp-interface fixed grid method for moving boundary problems. 1 ABSTRACT The primary objective of this thesis is to develop a general computational framework to perform large scale moving boundary problems in fluid mechanics. The interactions of moving entities with fluid flow are common to numerous engineering and biomedical applications.(More)
Keywords: Underground cables Cable heat transfer Moisture transport Thermal engineering Power cable insulation Rainfall a b s t r a c t Cable ampacity analysis is generally performed assuming constant worst-state environmental conditions, which often correspond to a dry soil condition or to a condition with uniform ambient soil moisture content. The(More)
Because biofilms have resistance to antibiotics, their control using minimum amounts of chemicals and energy becomes a critical issue particularly for resource-constrained long-term space and deep-sea explorations. This preliminary study investigates how ultrasound promoting penetration of antibiotic-loaded liposomes into alginate-based bacterial biofilms,(More)
A computerised ward monitoring system based on Archimedes PC's at each bedside is under development for the PICU at Killingbeck Hospital in Leeds. This work was initiated with a view to reducing the amount of paperwork in the unit. The present paper charts have been broken down into sections for the purpose of entry into the computer. The completed charts(More)
A stochastic model is presented for nanoparticle transport in a biofilm to explain how the combination of acoustic oscillations and intermittent retention due to interaction with the pore walls of the biofilm leads to diffusion enhancement. An expression for the effective diffusion coefficient was derived that varies with the square of the oscillation(More)
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