Jeffrey S. Hallam

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Outdoor workers are at a higher risk for developing skin cancer due to their increased sun exposure. The primary objective of this review was to synthesize the current research literature that addresses sociodemographic and psychological factors related to sun protection behaviors in outdoor workers. Two additional purposes were to provide an overview of(More)
There are slightly over one million workers in the landscape service industry in the US. These workers have potential for high levels of solar ultraviolet radiation exposure, increasing their risk of skin cancer. A cross-sectional sample of 109 landscapers completed a self-administered questionnaire based on Health Belief Model (HBM). The participants(More)
BACKGROUND With health care shifting away from the traditional sick care model, many hospitals are integrating fitness facilities and programs into their clinical services in order to support health promotion and disease prevention at the community level. Through a series of focus groups, the present study assessed characteristics of hospital-affiliated(More)
The effect of symbols on conveying health information has been studied in a variety of contexts and populations. This investigation assessed whether short-term recall of prescription medication information could be enhanced in a low health literate population through the use of symbols. Participants recruited from various nonpharmacy educational service(More)
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