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New low pass filters with ultra-wide stopband by using dumbbell defected ground structures (DGSs) with size reduction are presented in this paper. Non-uniform DGSs etched under a stepped-impedance microstrip line are developped to get better filter performances of transmission zeros, enhanced return loss and ultra-wide stopband that is beneficial to higher(More)
—The ground plane affects the characteristics of a planar inverted-F antenna (PIFA) significantly. Using the idea of the high-impedance surface to construct the ground plane, a new type of compact PIFA with a photonic bandgap type (PBG-type) ground plane is proposed. Both the traditional PIFA and the proposed antenna are analyzed using the finite-difference(More)
In this paper, we present the low noise amplifier using new feedback connection configurations. The UWB LNA is design in 0.18 Pm TSMC CMOS technique to achieve high gain, small size and low noise. The LNA achieved 11 dB of average power gain, low 2.87 dB noise figure (NF),-10.9 dB input match,-7 dB return loss,-3 dBm of IIP3 and only 0.54 mm 2 size with 15(More)
A new magnetorheological elastomer (MRE) isolator in shear-compression mixed mode is designed in this paper. Two pieces of MRE fabricated with different dimension are utilized in the isolator. The one MRE operates on compressive mode, and the other operates on shear mode. A finite element method magnetic (FEMM) package is used to analyze the magnetic(More)
A low phase noise, small power dissipation and small sized Ka-band Triple Push Coupled Pair using 0.18 μm CMOS technology is described. The VCO operated can be tuned between 37.3 GHz and 40.1 GHz and has low phase noise of −107 dBc/Hz at a 1 MHz offset. The Figure of merit (FOM) is −184.8 dBc/Hz and the power-frequency tuning-normalized(More)