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Commodity operating systems entrusted with securing sensitive data are remarkably large and complex, and consequently, frequently prone to compromise. To address this limitation, we introduce a virtual-machine-based system called Overshadow that protects the privacy and integrity of application data, even in the event of a total OScompromise. Overshadow(More)
We propose "secret-protected (SP)" architecture to enable secure and convenient protection of critical secrets for a given user in an on-line environment. Keys are examples of critical secrets, and key protection and management is a fundamental problem ¿ often assumed but not solved ¿ underlying the use of cryptographic protection of sensitive files,(More)
We propose minimalist new hardware additions to a microprocessor chip that protect cryptographic keys in portable computing devices which are used in the field but owned by a central authority. Our <i>authority-mode architecture</i> has trust rooted in two critical secrets: a Device Root Key and a Storage Root Hash, initialized in the device by the trusted(More)
—In lightweight mobile ad hoc networks, both prob-abilistic and deterministic key management schemes are fragile to node fabrication attacks. Our simulation results show that the Successful Attack Probability (SAP) can be as high as 42.6% with the fabrication of only 6 copies from captured nodes comprising only 3% of all nodes. In this paper, we propose two(More)
During many crises, access to sensitive emergency-support information is required to save lives and property. For example, for effective evacuations first responders need the names and addresses of non-ambulatory residents. Yet, currently, access to such information may not be possible because government policy makers and third-party data providers lack(More)
New security architectures are difficult to prototype and test at the design stage. Fine-grained monitoring of the interactions between hardware, the operating system and applications is required. We have designed and prototyped a testing framework, using virtualization, that can emulate the behavior of new hardware mechanisms in the virtual CPU and can(More)
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