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We have implemented a root-extraction stemmer for Arabic which is similar to the Khoja stemmer but without a root dictionary. Our stemmer was found to perform equivalently to the Khoja stemmer as well as so-called "light" stemmers in monolingual document retrieval tasks performed on the Arabic Trec-2001 collection. A root dictionary, therefore, does not(More)
In this paper, we report on our ongoing research for the development of a Unicode-based search engine for Farsi. The activities consist of an I/O subsystem, Farsi stemmer, test collection preparation, and the search engine itself. This engine is intended to be independent of the operating system platform using no special hardware or software. We are further(More)
We present an efficient algorithm called the Quadtree Heuristic for identifying a list of similar terms for each unique term in a large document collection. Term similarity is defined using the Expected Mutual Information Measure (EMIM). Since our aim for defining the similarity lists is to improve information retrieval (IR), we present the outcome of an(More)
Hundreds of experiments over the last decade on the retrieval of OCR documents performed by the Information Science Research Institute have shown that OCR errors do not significantly affect retrievability. We extend those results to show that in the case of proximity searching, the removal of running headers and footers from OCR text will not improve(More)