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—We propose NM landscapes as a new class of tunably rugged benchmark problems. NM landscapes are well-defined on alphabets of any arity, including both discrete and real-valued alphabets, include epistasis in a natural and transparent manner, are proven to have known value and location of the global maximum and, with some additional constraints, are proven(More)
Widespread unexplained variations in clinical practices and patient outcomes suggest major opportunities for improving the quality and safety of medical care. However, there is little consensus regarding how to best identify and disseminate healthcare improvements and a dearth of theory to guide the debate. Many consider multicenter randomized controlled(More)
—Simulated landscapes have been used for decades to evaluate search strategies whose goal is to find the landscape location with maximum fitness. Understanding properties of landscapes is important for understanding search difficulty. This paper presents a novel and transparent characterization of NK landscapes and derives an analytic expression(More)
We develop an algorithm to evolve sets of probabilistically significant multivariate feature interactions, with co-evolved feature ranges, for classification in large, complex datasets. The datasets may include nominal, ordinal, and/or continuous features, missing data, imbalanced classes, and other complexities. Our age-layered evolutionary algorithm(More)
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