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Previous quantitative reviews of research on the efficacy of psychotherapy for depression have included only a subset of the available research or limited their focus to a single outcome measure. The present review offers a more comprehensive quantitative integration of this literature. Using studies that compared psychotherapy with either no treatment or(More)
Previous quantitative reviews of research on psychotherapeutic interventions for bereaved persons have yielded divergent findings and have not included many of the available controlled outcome studies. This meta-analysis summarizes results from 61 controlled studies to offer a more comprehensive integration of this literature. This review examined (a) the(More)
This review provides a quantitative integration of research on the effectiveness of psychological and pharmacological treatments for nocturnal enuresis. With the use of experiments that compared treatments with either no treatment or another form of treatment, this article assesses (a) the overall effectiveness of psychological and pharmacological(More)
Couples in which one or both partners smoked despite one of them having a heart or lung problem discussed a health-related disagreement before and during a period of laboratory smoking. Immediately afterwards, the partners in these 25 couples used independent joysticks to recall their continuous emotional experience during the interaction while watching(More)
Prior narrative and quantitative reviews have suggested that personal construct therapy (PCT) is an efficacious and viable form of treatment. However, these reviews failed to include all published, controlled PCT outcome studies and did not account for all measures of outcome. The present quantitative review, therefore, offers a comprehensive integration of(More)