Jeffrey S. Augenstein

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The advent of Automatic Crash Notification Systems (ACN) offers the possibility of immediately locating crashes and of determining the crash characteristics by analyzing the data transmitted from the vehicle. A challenge to EMS decision makers is to identify those crashes with serious injuries and deploy the appropriate rescue and treatment capabilities.(More)
Team performance measurement is a critical and frequently overlooked component of an effective simulation-based training system designed to build teamwork competencies. Quality team performance measurement is essential for systematically diagnosing team performance and subsequently making decisions concerning feedback and remediation. However, the(More)
This study investigates injury occurrence for belted occupants as a function of age. An analysis of NASS/CDS 1997-2003 data was conducted to determine crash involvement rates and injury rates for front seat occupants versus mean occupant age. In frontal and near-side crashes, the average age of MAIS 3+ belted front seat occupants injured in crashes less(More)
OBJECTIVE We sought to identify potential measurable on-scene information that would assist clinicians in the identification of patients at risk for thoracic aortic tear (AT) after vehicular trauma. METHODS Data were prospectively collected at the scene of 295 motor vehicle crashes from 1995 to 1999. There were 34 cases (12%) with AT. Scene data consisted(More)
This paper summarizes the initial findings from a database of crashes that involved BMW’s equipped with Automatic Crash Notification (ACN) Systems in the US and Germany. In addition, first field experiences with BMW’s enhanced ACN systems are reported where vehicles not only provide an initial crash notification but also transmit data describing the nature(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the optimal method of wound closure for dirty abdominal wounds. SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA The rate of wound infection for dirty abdominal wounds is approximately 40%, but the optimal method of wound closure remains controversial. Three randomized studies comparing delayed primary closure (DPC) with primary closure (PC) have not(More)
BACKGROUND Trauma centers have been created to bring traumatized patients together with experienced surgeons. We reviewed our outcomes to determine if mortality rates for high Injury Severity Scores (>or= 35) correlate with surgeon experience at our trauma center. STUDY DESIGN Using our prospectively collected database, we compared our results with mean(More)
PURPOSE As the U.S. health care system enters a new era, the importance of team-based care approaches grows. How is the health care community ensuring that providers and administrators are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes (KSAs) foundational for effective teamwork? Are these KSAs transferring into daily practice? This review summarizes the(More)
A multidisciplinary, automobile crash investigation team at the University of Miami School of Medicine, William Lehman Injury Research Center of Jackson Memorial Hospital/Ryder Trauma Center in Miami, Florida, is conducting a detailed medical and engineering study. The focus is restrained (seatbelts, airbag, or both) occupants involved in frontal crashes(More)
Early nutritional intervention has been advocated in trauma patients. We have developed a model to identify those patients who will most benefit from the invasive and costly measures that are required to provide injured patients with early enteral feedings. Four hundred forty-two patients admitted to a level I trauma center during a 2-month period were(More)