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The Outbreak of the Rebellion of Cyrus the Younger
Xenophon’s chronology (open rebellion in 401) can be confirmed, but he misrepresents the significance of several earlier events in order to portray Artaxerxes II as ignorant of Cyrus' ambitions.
Reconsidering the origin of the scythed chariot
This article challenges the current scholarly consensus that the scythed chariot was developed by the Persians for use against Greek hoplites. Closer examination of the historical record reveals thatExpand
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The Phocian Betrayal at Thermopylae
This article makes three arguments regarding the Battle of Thermopylae. First, that the discovery of the Anopaea path was not dependent upon Ephialtes, but that the Persians were aware of it at theirExpand
The Battle of Cunaxa
The Historical Context of the Reply to the Satraps Inscription (IG IV 556)
Abstract This article offers a new date and interpretation for IG IV 556, more commonly known as the Reply to the Satraps inscription. Most scholars associate it with the Common Peace of 362/1, andExpand
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The Greek Thesis