Jeffrey Robbins

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As the world market for telecommunications underwent a massive downturn in the early 2000s, Motorola, Inc. needed to cut costs and increase productivity throughout its operations. It had to identify a method of reducing the time and effort required to prepare for and conduct negotiations with its suppliers, simplify their coordination , and optimize(More)
The integration of disparate information systems in the operative environment allows access to information that is typically unseen or unused. Through a collaborative effort, a variety of information systems and surgical equipment are being integrated. This provides improved context-sensitive information display and decision support and improved access to(More)
The integration and presentation of information from a number of disparate sources in the operative environment raises a number of usability and human factors challenges. Through a collaborative effort, a display combining persistent and dynamically switching panes provides a rich source of information to help orient team members, provide indications of(More)
We have developed a vendor agnostic, full disclosure system for the capture, display, and storage of operative systems data. This system allows door to door capture of data from multiple sources including monitors from competing vendors, integration under a single platform, and storage for future use. Full disclosure functionality includes the ability to(More)
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