Jeffrey R Withers

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Treatment of [HNBu3]3[Mo(V)(CN)8] with manganese(II) p-toluenesulfonate in N,N'-dimethylformamide (DMF) affords {[Mn(II)(DMF)4]3[Mo(V)(CN)8]2}n (1) as a two-dimensional network. The structure of 1 consists of [cis-Mn(II)(DMF)4(mu-NC)2]2+ and [trans-Mn(II)(DMF)4(mu-NC)2]2+ units that are linked via cyanides to three-connected [Mo(V)(CN)5(mu-CN)3]3- centers(More)
Treatment of tris(3-cyano-2,4-pentanedionato)manganese(III) with KTp*, followed by [NEt(4)]CN affords [NEt(4)][(Tp*)Mn(III)(CN)(3)] (1); subsequent treatment of 1 with divalent triflates (OTf) and 2,2'-bipyridine (bpy) affords {Mn(III)(2)M(II)(2)} complexes (M(II) = Mn, 2; Ni, 3). Magnetic measurements show that 1-3 exhibit S(T) = 1, 3, and 4 spin ground(More)
Treatment of [M(II)(en)(3)][OTs](2) or methanolic ethylenediamine solutions containing transition metal p-toluenesulfonates (M(II) = Mn, Co) with aqueous K(4)M(IV)(CN)(8).2H(2)O or Cs(3)M(V)(CN)(8) (M(IV) = Mo, W; M(V) = Mo) affords crystalline clusters of [M(II)(en)(3)][cis-M(II)(en)(2)(OH(2))(mu-NC)M(IV)(CN)(7)].2H(2)O (M(IV) = Mo; M(II) = Mn, 1; Ni, 5;(More)
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