Jeffrey R. Merrick

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Allocating software components while meeting multiple platform resource constraints is crucial for model-based design of large embedded real-time software and automatic design model transformation. In this paper, we propose a new method for component allocation using an informed branch-and-bound and forward checking mechanism subject to a combination of(More)
In a large embedded real-time system, priority assignment can greatly affect the timing behavior - which can consequently affect the overall behavior - of the system. Thus, it is crucial for model-based design of a large embedded real-time system to be able to intelligently assign priorities such that tasks can meet their deadlines. In this paper, we(More)
PURPOSE Multi-criteria optimization (MCO) is implemented for planning lung cancer radiotherapy treatments to clarify patient-specific tradeoffs and allow real-time plan decision making. METHODS For four locally advanced lung cancer patients (P1-P4), a basis set of MCO plans are constructed and compared to plans determined from fixed-objective (FO)(More)
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