Jeffrey R Hayes

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Cross-contamination with previously amplified products poses a serious limitation in the use of PCR for clinical testing and in certain research applications as well. In the present study we report the use of novel primers containing a 3'-terminal ribose residue to circumvent this problem. Extension of the primer by Taq DNA polymerase generates a cleavable(More)
Experimental infection of susceptible cattle and pigs showed that the O/SKR/AS/2002 pig strain of foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV) causes an infection that is highly virulent and contagious in pigs but very limited in cattle. Pigs directly inoculated with, or exposed to swine infected with, strain O/SKR/AS/2002 showed typical clinical signs, including(More)
Histomonas meleagridis is a flagellate protozoan organism that can cause severe necrotizing typhlitis and hepatitis in gallinaceous birds. Peafowl ( Pavo spp.) have been shown to be susceptible to histomoniasis in experimental settings, but there are few reports of natural histomoniasis in this species. A retrospective study of the archived cases at 2(More)
This report describes the use of polymerase chain reaction and DNA in situ hybridization to diagnose Aleutian mink disease parvovirus DNA in various tissue specimens from 2 companion striped skunks. Clinical, laboratory, and microscopic findings also support a clinical diagnosis of Aleutian disease in these mink.
In the recent investigation of malignant catarrhal fever in a red brocket deer (Mazama americana) from a Texas zoo, the viral DNA from the herpesvirus termed MCFV-WTD, which causes disease in white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus), was detected. The epidemiology information revealed that the red brocket deer had been associated with a herd of pygmy(More)
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