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BACKGROUND This study was designed to investigate the relation between health-related physical fitness and weight status in Hong Kong adolescents. METHODS 3,204 students aged 12-18 years participated in the Hong Kong Student Obesity Surveillance (HKSOS) project in 2006-2007. Anthropometric measures (height, weight) and health-related fitness (push-up,(More)
INTRODUCTION This study investigates the independent and combined effects of smoking of parents and best friend on smoking and the intention to initiate or quit smoking in adolescents. METHODS In this school-based survey, 6,553 Hong Kong students aged 13-18 reported their demographic characteristics, smoking status of themselves, parents, and best friend;(More)
Establishing operations can alter problem behaviors by changing the momentary value of reinforcers associated with those problem behaviors. If establishing operations (EOs) precede the presentation of discriminative stimuli (SDs) for problem behaviors, it may be possible to introduce neutralizing routines that both reduce the value of reinforcers associated(More)
AIM To assess the 5-year secular changes in sports participation, sedentary activity, and physical self-perceptions among Hong Kong adolescents. METHODS A total of 2932 and 5692 secondary students, aged 13-18 participated in the Health Related Behavior General (HRBG) Survey in 1995-1996 and 2000-2001, respectively. Extracurricular sports participation at(More)
BACKGROUND Peer review is the major method used by biomedical journals for making the decision of publishing an article. This cross-sectional survey assesses views concerning the review system of biomedical journals among academics globally. METHODS A total of 28,009 biomedical academics from high-ranking universities listed by the 2009 Times Higher(More)
BACKGROUND Tobacco smoke has detrimental effects on the respiratory system. This study investigated the associations of active and passive smoking with asthma symptoms in Hong Kong adolescents. METHODS A total of 6,494 Hong Kong secondary school students, with a mean ± SD age of 15.0 ± 1.21 years, participated in the Health Related Behavior General(More)
UNLABELLED OBJECTIVES This study aimed to investigate the prevalence and socioeconomic differences in dental health behaviours among Hong Kong early adolescents. METHODS  A cross-sectional survey was conducted among 4927 students (44.7% boys) aged 14-15 from 36 secondary schools in 2000-2001. Students reported their socioeconomic information and dental(More)
BACKGROUND Overdosing is an accessible method adopted by people attempting suicide in city settings. AIMS This study aimed to compare the trends and characteristics of people attempting suicide by drug overdose and by other methods in Singapore. METHODS This study examined the medical records of 628 patients who were admitted to a university hospital in(More)
This study investigated the mediating role of body mass index (BMI) in the relationship between physical activity and body esteem in adolescents. Nine hundred and five Hong Kong Chinese students aged 12–18 years participated in a cross-sectional study in 2007. Students’ BMI was computed as an indicator of their body composition. Their physical activity(More)
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