Jeffrey Proulx

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Nutrition educators need to view tribal program cooks as important food and nutrition gatekeepers for their clients, families, and communities. They need to train these cooks using a variety of educational techniques, including culturally sensitive food preparation sessions and classroom activities to increase cooks' knowledge and skills, enhance their(More)
Given the increased risk of overweight and the fact that many weight-related behaviors acquired during childhood and adolescence are likely to be maintained into adulthood, minority teen-agers are a key group to target for obesity-prevention efforts. This paper reflects on three theoretical elements of behavior change in relation to obesity-related(More)
This study aimed to examine reciprocal relations between cholesterol and depression. We assessed cholesterol and depressive symptoms twice over a 3-year interval, using 842 men from the Veterans Affairs Normative Aging Study (M = 64, standard deviation = 8). Because depressive symptoms were skewed, we used zero-inflated Poisson analyses. Cross-lagged models(More)
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