Jeffrey Power Jacobs

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We present the first results of a new search for a permanent electric dipole moment of the 199Hg atom using a UV laser. Our measurements give d(199Hg) = -(1.06+/-0.49+/-0.40)x10(-28)e cm. We interpret the result as an upper limit absolute value [d(199Hg)]<2.1x10(-28)e cm (95% C.L.), which sets new constraints on theta bar;(QCD), chromo-EDMs of the quarks,(More)
Bone-marrow aspirates from 5 patients with recent episodes of multiple sclerosis (M.S.) contained increased numbers of plasma cells, and aspirates from 3 of these patients contained atypical reticulum cells. When bone-marrow from 4 of the patients was inoculated into cell cultures a cytopathic effect (C.P.E.) was observed, and this effect could be serially(More)
—Musical counterpoint, a musical technique in which two or more independent melodies are played simultaneously with the goal of creating harmony, has been around since the baroque era. However, to our knowledge computational generation of aesthetically pleasing linear counterpoint based on subjective fitness assessment has not been explored by the(More)
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