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We conducted a cross-sectional study to determine the prevalence and species of gastro-intestinal helminths and haemoparasites in 100 chickens kept under extensive management systems in Ghana, West Africa. All the examined chickens (100%) were infected with gastro-intestinal helminths; a total of 18 species were detected. The species and their prevalences(More)
The possible existence of circulating pancreatic type glucagon (immunoreactive glucagon as measured with a highly specific antibody) of extrapancreatic origin was investigated in 20-25 kg pigs after pancreatectomy. In intact conscious animals intravenous arginine infusions stimulated glucagon as well as insulin secretion, while blood glucose remained(More)
In order to avoid complications induced by long-term infusion of insulin into the portal vein, we examined the effect of intraperitoneal (ip) insulin infusion on arterial plasma insulin and glucose concentrations in 6 pigs, made diabetic by a constant intravenous (iv) infusion of glucose, epinephrine and propranolol. Insulin was infused by an(More)
The pathogenicity in 7-week-old pigs to five different Toxoplasma gondii strains of various host species origin was compared after i.v. inoculation of 10(4) tachyzoites. Additionally, one group of pigs was inoculated i.v. with 10(6) tachyzoites of the reference strain, SSI 119. In response to the infection a significant effect of T. gondii tachyzoite(More)
The study was performed to investigate the difference in the concentration of several haematological and clinical chemical blood components in blood obtained from the cephalic and external jugular veins in 23 dogs. A total of 17 laboratory tests were analysed and, except for two clinical chemical blood components, there was no decisive difference in the(More)
Pasteurella multocida and Ascaridia galli are observed with high prevalences in free range chickens in Denmark, but the impact is unknown. A study was carried out to examine the interaction between A. galli and P. multocida in chickens and the impact on production. Five groups, each with 20 18-week-old Lohmann Brown chickens were infected. Group 1 was(More)
The value of a diagnostic test depends on most cases on its ability to discriminate between patients with and without a certain disease. One way of evaluating a diagnostic test is to use the relative operating characteristic curve (ROC curve) and the differential positive rate (DPR). The ROC curve displays the relationship between the true positive ratio(More)
Temporal variations of intestinal microorganisms have been investigated in humans, but limited information is available for other animal species. The aim of the study was to evaluate the abundance and short-term temporal variability of fecal microbiota in dogs. Two fecal samples were collected (15 days apart) from six healthy dogs. The microbiota was(More)
BACKGROUND It is still controversial whether the spread of spinal anaesthesia in pregnancy is influenced by particular physique. Investigation was based on a clinical observation that parturients with a pronounced "pregnant" physique, e.g. generalised oedema and heavy abdomen, tended to develop more cephalad sensory blockades than parturients without these(More)
Isogenic strains of Salmonella enterica serovar Gallinarum biovar gallinarum harbouring RFLP variants of the virulence plasmid and the parent strains, were given orally to 1-week-old White Leghorn cockerels. Differences in viability and pattern of behaviour of the strains in the tissues were observed during the course of infection. Viable counts from the(More)