Jeffrey P. Migneault

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BACKGROUND Hypertension is more prevalent and clinically severe among African-Americans than whites. Several health behaviors influence blood pressure (BP) control, but effective, accessible, culturally sensitive interventions that target multiple behaviors are lacking. PURPOSE We evaluated a culturally adapted, automated telephone system to help(More)
OBJECTIVE This study assessed test-retest reliability and criterion validity for an automated version of the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT), a screening tool for alcohol-related problems. Participants' willingness to use such a system to learn about and change their drinking behavior was also assessed. METHOD Participants were 202(More)
Automated health behavior interventions that involve discretionary use by patients or consumers over extended periods of time are becoming more common and it is generally assumed that adherence to the recommended schedule is related to the impact of the system on users. Yet reasons for use or non-use of such systems have not been carefully explored. An(More)
The Transtheoretical Model of Change has been proven very effective in explaining both the acquisition and cessation of many health related behaviors. In this study, this model was applied to the domain of immoderate alcohol use among adolescents (usually drinking three or more drinks per occasion). Measures for two constructs of the model were developed:(More)
Immoderate drinking in college is common and is associated with significant negative sequelae. In this study, measures of Decisional Balance for Immoderate Drinking were developed. This construct is proposed to represent the basic decision-making process that is used by students when deciding whether to drink at immoderate levels or not. Furthermore this(More)
OBJECTIVES To establish a workgroup within the NIH-funded Health Maintenance Consortium (HMC) to examine how "maintenance" of behavior change was conceptualized and measured across and within behaviors. METHODS Multiple meetings were held by the workgroup to reach consensus definitions of maintenance and maintenance-related constructs across(More)
Automated dialogue systems delivered over the telephone offer a promising approach to delivering health-related interventions to populations of individuals at low-cost. Over the past two decades, an automated telephone system called Telephone-Linked Care or TLC has been successfully designed and evaluated by the authors and their colleagues. This work has(More)
The impact of adolescent smoking cessation clinics has been disappointing due to low participation rates, high attrition, and low quit rates. This paper describes two computerized self-help adolescent smoking cessation intervention programs: 1) a program utilizing the expert system which is based on the transtheoretical model of change and 2) a popular(More)
Objective: To examine the types of life and dietary goals individuals report and how these goal domains interact as framed by goal systems theory. Methods: This work is a cross-sectional survey study. Measures included the incidence of common life and dietary goals and how these goals interact with and facilitate each other. Results: The results of a(More)
BACKGROUND Health behavior change interventions have focused on obtaining short-term intervention effects; few studies have evaluated mid-term and long-term outcomes, and even fewer have evaluated interventions that are designed to maintain and enhance initial intervention effects. Moreover, behavior theory has not been developed for maintenance or applied(More)