Jeffrey P Baerwald

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UNLABELLED We investigated the effects of approach (lateral versus anterior), position (supine versus Trendelenburg), and head rotation (0 degrees, 20 degrees, and maximum) during central venous catheterization on the area of the right internal jugular vein. Twenty-four patients were placed in supine position, followed by 25 degrees of Trendelenburg(More)
This study examined response discrimination (d') and bias (likelihood ratio) differentials in a computer-generated test of auditory and visual attention functioning. Patients with bipolar disorder (n=42) and schizophrenia (n=47) were contrasted to a normal comparison group (n=89) in two conditions: (a) simple modal responsivity (auditory and visual stimuli)(More)
This study was designed to examine hypothesized differences between sex offending and nonoffending Roman Catholic clergy on cognitive mediation abilities as measured by the Rorschach Inkblot Test (H. Rorschach, 1921/1942). This study compared 78 priest pedophiles and 77 priest ephebophiles with 80 nonoffending priest controls on the Inkblot test using J. E.(More)
The relationship between neurocognitive impairment and employment in a cohort of 130 predominantly symptomatic individuals with HIV-1 infection was examined. Participants were classified as employed (full or part-time for pay) or unemployed (N = 64) and administered a neuropsychological test battery. When covarying for CD4 count, age, and physical(More)
This cross-sectional study examined modal attention asymmetries in patients with schizophrenia (n = 47) and bipolar disorder (n = 42), as contrasted to a matched-sample comparison group of normal participants (n = 89). A test of continuous auditory and visual attention was the primary measure. The data were analyzed from 2 experimental conditions: simple(More)
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