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Storage consumption continues to grow rapidly, especially with the popularity of multimedia files. Storage hardware costs represent a small fraction of overall management costs, which include frequent maintenance and backups. Our key approach to reducing total storage management costs is to reduce actual storage consumption. We achieve this in two ways.(More)
The mission of the society is to promote botany, the field of basic science dealing with the study and inquiry into the form, function, development, diversity, reproduction, evolution, and uses of plants and their interactions with the biosphere. Cover Illustration: Cluster of submerged buds from the water lily Brasenia schreberi at various stages of(More)
  • Jeffrey M Osborn, Kerry K Karukstis, Adrienne Showman, Linh Anh Cat, Jacquelyn Cook, Natalie Holloway +1 other
  • 2013
Focus CUR " [B]eing my research problem, it was up to me to solve. …The crucial lesson was that the scope of things I didn't know wasn't merely vast; it was, for all practical purposes, infinite. That realization, instead of being discouraging, was liberating. If our ignorance is infinite, the only possible course of action is to muddle through as best we(More)
Elastic quotas are a novel method of managing storage resources , which allows users to exceed their persistent quota while disk resources are available. When storage becomes scarce, the system automatically reclaims some storage based on preconfigured policies. Elastic quota policies are the core of the elastic quota system: they allow administrators and(More)
Spaciinodum collinsonii, a Triassic sphenophyte from the central Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica, is reinterpreted based on new material in order to clarify discrepancies from previous work and to detail the development and ecology of the Spaciinodum plant. Vegetative stems have alternating nodes and internodes, nodes distinguished by a solid diaphragm(More)
We introduce elastic quotas, a disk space management technique that makes disk space an elastic resource like CPU and memory. Elastic quotas allow all users to use unlimited amounts of available disk space while still providing system administrators the ability to control how the disk space is allocated among users. Elastic quotas maintain existing(More)
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