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Storage consumption continues to grow rapidly, especially with the popularity of multimedia files. Storage hardware costs represent a small fraction of overall management costs, which include frequent maintenance and backups. Our key approach to reducing total storage management costs is to reduce actual storage consumption. We achieve this in two ways.(More)
We present a novel stereoscopic mapping system for use in post-nuclear accident operations. First we discuss a radiation shielded sensor array designed t o tolerate extended cumulative dose using 4 shielding. Next, we outline procedures to ensure timely, accurate range estimation using trinocular stereo. Finally, we review the implementation of a system for(More)
1. Accumulating evidence in both humans and animals indicates that acute increases in plasma osmolality elevate sympathetic nerve activity (SNA). In addition, plasma hyperosmolality (or hypernatraemia) can produce sustained increases in SNA and arterial blood pressure (ABP) through stimulation of forebrain osmoreceptors. 2. Although an abundance of(More)
Angiotensin II (AII) has been linked as a causal factor in several experimental models of hypertension (HT) including Okamoto spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR). The transmission and expression of AII type 1 receptors (AT1r) in SHR and the development of genetic HT remain unknown. It is hypothesized that tissue-specific expression of renin-angiotensin(More)
Student populations are diverse such that different types of learners struggle with traditional didactic instruction. Problem-based learning has existed for several decades, but there is still controversy regarding the optimal mode of instruction to ensure success at all levels of students' past achievement. The present study addressed this problem by(More)
We introduce elastic quotas, a disk space management technique that makes disk space an elastic resource like CPU and memory. Elastic quotas allow all users to use unlimited amounts of available disk space while still providing system administrators the ability to control how the disk space is allocated among users. Elastic quotas maintain existing(More)
Integration of three-dimensional textured scene mapping and object recognition presents many opportunities for assisted automation. We present Artisan, a software package that synthesizes these elements to form a user-friendly whole. Artisan uses a variety of 3D sensors, including laser range scanners and stereo systems, to acquire both image and range(More)
Soft tissue repair is a complex process that requires specific communication between multiple cell types to orchestrate effective restoration of physiological functions. Macrophages play a critical role in this wound healing process beginning at the onset of tissue injury. Understanding the signaling mechanisms involved in macrophage recruitment to the(More)
Elastic quotas are a novel method of managing storage resources , which allows users to exceed their persistent quota while disk resources are available. When storage becomes scarce, the system automatically reclaims some storage based on preconfigured policies. Elastic quota policies are the core of the elastic quota system: they allow administrators and(More)