Jeffrey Okada

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The naïve pluripotent state has been shown in mice to lead to broad and more robust developmental potential relative to primed mouse epiblast cells. The human naïve ES cell state has eluded derivation without the use of transgenes, and forced expression of OCT4, KLF4, and KLF2 allows maintenance of human cells in a naïve state [Hanna J, et al. (2010) Proc(More)
Both the medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC) and hippocampus are implicated in working memory tasks in rodents. Specifically, it has been hypothesized that the mPFC is primarily engaged in the temporary storage and processing of information lasting from a subsecond to several seconds, while the hippocampal function becomes more critical as the working memory(More)
A new method for delayed contact hypersensitivity assay of chemical compounds in guinea pigs, a short-period method (14 days) with a high detection sensitivity, has been developed. The new method was as follows; a combination of a Freund's complete adjuvant (FCA, undiluted) intradermal injection and a 24-h occlusive patch on a guinea pig was performed 2x at(More)
The efficacy of a lymph node cell proliferation assay in the guinea pig as a first stage screening method of predicting sensitizing potentials of chemicals was studied by using several haptens. Animals were sensitized by a single 24-hr occlusive patch (24 cp), intradermal injection (id) and a combination of id and 24 cp, at a concentration used for guinea(More)
The enhancement effect of cyclophosphamide on the delayed contact hypersensitivity reaction of chemical compounds was studied in Hartley albino guinea pigs. A series of assay procedures, combining the AP2 test (adjuvant and 24-h occlusive patch 2x test, as previously reported) with intraperitoneal cyclophosphamide administration, were examined. The newly(More)
To assess the role of renal thromboxane in a salt sensitive pressor response in hypertension, urinary excretion of thromboxane and its release from isolated glomeruli and renal papillae were examined in deoxycorticosterone acetate treated rats with normal (0.6%, n = 12) and high (4%, n = 12) salt diets for 8 weeks. Mean blood pressure, measured directly by(More)
Simple and efficient ex vivo/in vitro screening systems for contact allergens are developed for alternative to conventional animal tests. We have previously proposed an ex vivo/in vitro proliferation assay as a first stage screening method with advantages over existing alternatives, using lymph node cells (LNC) from sensitized guinea pigs of the Hartley(More)
C.I. Solvent Red 23, commercial Sudan III, is widely used in cosmetic products. Chemical analyses and guinea pig sensitization tests were carried out to identify its contact allergens. In the Magnusson & Kligman guinea pig maximization test, C.I. Solvent Red 23 showed 20% positive reactions. By conducting chemical analyses with HPLC and GLC, 2-naphthol (82(More)
The patterns of gastric emptying after selective proximal vagotomy (SPV) and SPV with pyloroplasty (SPV + D) were studed using a liquid labelled with 99mTc-DTPA. By means of on-line computer facility, it was possible to analyse the relative role of the Whole stomach and the antrum within the overall frame work of gastric emptying. In the time/activity curve(More)