Jeffrey Meyer

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Candidate variant association studies have been largely unsuccessful in identifying common breast cancer susceptibility variants, although most studies have been underpowered to detect associations of a realistic magnitude. We assessed 41 common non-synonymous single-nucleotide polymorphisms (nsSNPs) for which evidence of association with breast cancer risk(More)
Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have identified numerous common prostate cancer (PrCa) susceptibility loci. We have fine-mapped 64 GWAS regions known at the conclusion of the iCOGS study using large-scale genotyping and imputation in 25 723 PrCa cases and 26 274 controls of European ancestry. We detected evidence for multiple independent signals at(More)
The interferon-activatable Ifi200 gene cluster is located on mouse Chromosome 1q21-q23. We report here our analysis of two genomic regions encoding at least 10 closely related 200 family genes (Ifi201, Ifi202a, Ifi202b, Ifi202c, Ifi203a, Ifi203b, Ifi203c, Ifi203', Ifi204, and Ifi204') in 129/SvJ mice. Through a BAC-based sequencing approach, the exact(More)
In today's volatile economy, innovation in providing interactive services to consumers through a variety of channels is critical in retailing. Interactive service innovations offer opportunities for retailers by creating new markets or offering new benefits in existing markets. They also pose threats as existing customers encounter new alternatives offered(More)
An essential component of any mixed signal embedded system is a Phase-Locked Loop (commonly know as PLL). Almost every mixed signal system has one or more PLL in its block diagram. Phase-locked loops are used for a variety of tasks, like multiplying clock frequencies, generating precise clock phases, and generating complex RF modulated signals like phase(More)
Dissertation Abstract This study attempts to answer the question, What is the mathematical knowledge required by teachers of elementary mathematics content courses in the area of multiplication and division of fractions? Beginning in the mid-1980s, when Shulman (1986) introduced the idea of pedagogical content knowledge, researchers have been looking at the(More)
main reposi tory as an argument. For each such access to the branch library, a database lookup occurs. If the identifier is found in the database, indicating that the branch library is currently caching that object, the object is fetched from local branch storage and transmitted to the client. If, on the other hand, the object is not present at the branch,(More)