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The consensus is that both ecological and social factors are essential dimensions of conservation research and practice. However, much of the literature on multiple disciplinary collaboration focuses on the difficulties of undertaking it. This review of the challenges of conducting multiple disciplinary collaboration offers a framework for thinking about(More)
Coherent optical signal processing methods for screening Pap smears were evaluated and are presented in a three-part sequence. In Part 1, 2-D Fourier spectra of normal and abnormal cells generated from many high resolution cell photographs are presented. Each cell spectrum was measured with a coherent optical data processing system containing a special(More)
What is the relation between things and theories, the material world and its scientific representations? This is a staple philosophical problem that rarely counts as historically legitimate or fruitful. In the following dialogue, the interlocutors do not argue for or against realism. Instead, they explore changing relations between theories and things,(More)
This paper focuses on the estimation of the intrinsic camera parameters and the trajectory of the camera from an image sequence. Intrinsic camera calibration and pose estimation are the prerequisites for many applications involving navigation tasks, scene reconstruction, and merging of virtual and real environments. Proposed and evaluated is a technical(More)
An algorithm for optical ow estimation is presented for the case of discrete-time motion of an uncalibrated camera through a rigid world. Unlike traditional optical ow approaches that impose smoothness constraints on the ow eld, this algorithm assumes smoothness on the inverse depth map. The computation is based on diierential measurements and estimates are(More)
This essay draws a new picture of the science of bacteria in its 'golden age', circa 1880-1900: the organization of its knowledge and practice, its germ theory of disease, the difference between its two major research traditions, and, above all, its place in life science in this period that bristled with theories and debates over inheritance, variation,(More)
Earlier research using a very limited data base gave encouraging results for the automated screening of exfoliated cytologic samples using coherent optical processing techniques to examine individual isolated cells. A more thorough investigation involving a larger data base has confirmed our initial results. This investigation was performed using a(More)
This is an essay in the history of observation of the natural and social worlds. It explores how nineteenth-century Paris became a field and object of scientific observation and how the everyday lives, and even the health, of scientists living in the city and leaving the city for the "country" modeled observations and theoretical interpretation. The story(More)
This paper is the third of a three-part sequence. A modified Fourier spectrum analyzer system that uses an optical transducer to contain cell images is described. The photoconductor - liquid crystal transducer modulates a transmitted laser beam producing a high contrast cell image. The transducer is operated in a light scattering mode to achieve a contrast(More)