Jeffrey Martin Coil

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This study compared the coronal and apical leakage of AH Plus with gutta-percha to that of Epiphany with Resilon. Twenty-four single rooted teeth were instrumented and divided into 2 groups according to the solutions for smear layer removal and the obturation materials employed: Group A - 17% EDTA-T and AH Plus with gutta-percha; Group B - primer and(More)
This study compared, by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), the efficacy of three solvents on the removal of filling materials from dentinal tubules during endodontic retreatment. Forty human maxillary canines with straight canals were prepared according to a crown-down technique and enlarged to a#30 apical file size, before obturation with gutta-percha and(More)
Three clinical cases involving teeth with open apices and apical periodontitis were treated using different protocols. The first case was managed with intracanal calcium hydroxide paste for 12 months before obturation with gutta-percha and sealer. In the second case, an apical plug of mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) was used before obturation with(More)
AIM To determine whether post space preparation deviated from the root canal preparation in canals filled with Thermafil, GuttaCore or warm vertically compacted gutta-percha. METHODOLOGY Forty-two extracted human permanent maxillary lateral incisors were decoronated, and their root canals instrumented using a standardized protocol. Samples were divided(More)
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