Jeffrey Mandula

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In the lattice formulation of the Heavy Quark Effective Theory, the value of the “classical velocity” v, as defined through the separation of the 4-momentum of a heavy quark into a part proportional to the heavy quark mass and a residual part which remains finite in the heavy quark limit (P = Mv + p), is different from its value as it appears in the bare(More)
The operational safety performance indicators serve as an important tool of performance monitoring and management at the Dukovany NPP. A software-supported system has been developed, which has included: data collection, central data storage, graphic output production and periodical report generation. Analyses of performance indicator trends together with(More)
A new technique for computing the strangeness content of the proton on the lattice is described. It is applied to the calculation of the strange quark contribution to the proton’s spin, specifically to the evaluation of the matrix element . Preliminary results are not in disagreement with the ps sγμγ5 s ps EMC experiment. 2 The EMC experiment measuring the(More)
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