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Secondary Metabolism and Development Is Mediated by LlmF Control of VeA Subcellular Localization in Aspergillus nidulans
Secondary metabolism and development are linked in Aspergillus through the conserved regulatory velvet complex composed of VeA, VelB, and LaeA. The founding member of the velvet complex, VeA,Expand
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Telomere position effect is regulated by heterochromatin-associated proteins and NkuA in Aspergillus nidulans
Gene-silencing mechanisms are being shown to be associated with an increasing number of fungal developmental processes. Telomere position effect (TPE) is a eukaryotic phenomenon resulting in geneExpand
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Characterization of Thiol-Ene Crosslinked PEG Hydrogels.
The properties of synthetic hydrogels can be tuned to address the needs of many tissue-culture applications. This work characterizes the swelling and mechanical properties of thiol-ene crosslinkedExpand
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Anmerkungen zur Infusionstherapie bei akutem Hörsturz
SummaryThe effect of infusional therapy on the rheologic properties of blood and blood-gases was examined on different groups of patients.The reactions of viscosity, hematocrite and aggregationExpand
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Zur Diagnostik der chronischen Otitis media
SummaryThe findings of Schüller's views, audiograms, ear drum photographs, and history were compared to the surgical findings in 83 patients with chronic middle ear infection and evaluated by threeExpand
Stapler for Uretero-Intestinal Anastomosis with Absorbable Staples
Figure 3: Insorb staple [3] Bladder cancer is the 5 th most common cancer in the United States. When cancer cells invade the bladder muscle, surgical removal of the bladder, called radicalExpand