Jeffrey M. Rice

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s The risk of falls increases with age. Falls in older people often result in injury and death. Such injuries, frequently fractures, are a common and costly cause of hospital admission. s There is some evidence to suggest that exercise, such as balance training, is effective in reducing the risk of falls in older people. Access to such interventions should(More)
Gastric carcinoma, one of the most prevalent human cancers worldwide, is among the neo-plasms for which epidemiologic evidence of environmental causes is strongest. The exact nature of these environmental causes was obscure until mounting evidence recently linked chronic infection of the gastric antrum mucosa by Helicobacter pylori (a microaerobic,(More)
BACKGROUND There are few cases of choriocarcinoma metastases to the spine that have been reported. Most occurrences are in women with the gestational form of the tumor, and these now exhibit a very high remission rate with chemotherapeutic treatment, typically circumventing the need for spinal surgery. CASE DESCRIPTION In an effort to better understand(More)
Biofeedback, progressive muscle training, and relaxation tape home practice were implemented in an attempt to decrease knee pain in a subject diagnosed with osteoarthritis. Pain journal data suggested that the subject's pain levels decreased significantly during training and for 2 years posttraining. Training session data suggested that the subject was able(More)
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