Jeffrey M. Peppercorn

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PURPOSE Young women with breast cancer often seek advice about whether treatment will affect their fertility. We sought to gain a better understanding of women's attitudes about fertility and how these concerns affect decision making. PATIENTS AND METHODS We developed a survey about fertility issues for young women with a history of early-stage breast(More)
PURPOSE An American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) provisional clinical opinion (PCO) offers timely clinical direction to ASCO's membership following publication or presentation of potentially practice-changing data from major studies. This PCO addresses the integration of palliative care services into standard oncology practice at the time a person is(More)
The burden of cancer is growing, and the disease is becoming a major economic expenditure for all developed countries. In 2008, the worldwide cost of cancer due to premature death and disability (not including direct medical costs) was estimated to be US$895 billion. This is not simply due to an increase in absolute numbers, but also the rate of increase of(More)
BACKGROUND Many oncologists believe that patients with cancer who enroll in clinical trials have better outcomes than those who do not enroll. We aimed to assess the empirical evidence that such a trial effect exists. METHODS We developed a conceptual framework for comparison of trial and non-trial patients. We then did a comprehensive literature search(More)
PURPOSE We examined the feasibility of using CYP2D6 genotyping to determine optimal tamoxifen dose and investigated whether the key active tamoxifen metabolite, endoxifen, could be increased by genotype-guided tamoxifen dosing in patients with intermediate CYP2D6 metabolism. PATIENTS AND METHODS One hundred nineteen patients on tamoxifen 20 mg daily ≥ 4(More)
Patients with advanced incurable cancer face complex physical, psychological, social, and spiritual consequences of disease and its treatment. Care for these patients should include an individualized assessment of the patient's needs, goals, and preferences throughout the course of illness. Consideration of disease-directed therapy, symptom management, and(More)
PURPOSE Cancer patients carry rising burdens of health care-related out-of-pocket expenses, and a growing number of patients are considered "underinsured." Our objective was to describe experiences of insured cancer patients requesting copayment assistance and to describe the impact of health care expenses on well-being and treatment. METHODS We conducted(More)
Bio BIO Douglas W. Blayney, MD is a Professor of Medicine (Oncology) Stanford, former Medical Director of Stanford Cancer Center, and specializes in the treatment of breast cancer. He has a special interest in the quality and value of cancer care. Dr. Blayney is a past president of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), a founder of the ASCO(More)