Jeffrey M . Drazen

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Asthma is a serious health problem throughout the world. During the past two decades, many scientific advances have improved our understanding of asthma and ability to manage and control it effectively. However, recommendations for asthma care need to be adapted to local conditions, resources and services. Since it was formed in 1993, the Global Initiative(More)
Committee of Medical Journal Editors Altruism and trust lie at the heart of research on human subjects. Altruistic individuals volunteer for research because they trust that their participation will contribute to improved health for others and that researchers will minimize risks to participants. In return for the altruism and trust that make clinical(More)
Nitrogen oxides (NOx), regarded in the past primarily as toxic air pollutants, have recently been shown to be bioactive species formed endogenously in the human lung. The relationship between the toxicities and the bioactivities of NOx must be understood in the context of their chemical interactions in the pulmonary microenvironment. Nitric oxide synthase(More)
Lipoxins (LXs) and aspirin-triggered LX (ATL) are trihydroxytetraene-containing eicosanoids generated from arachidonic acid that are distinct in structure, formation, and function from the many other proinflammatory lipid-derived mediators. These endogenous eicosanoids have now emerged as founding members of the first class of lipid/chemical mediators(More)
The leukotrienes and lipoxins are biologically active metabolites derived from arachidonic acid. Their diverse and potent actions are associated with specific receptors. Recent molecular techniques have established the nucleotide and amino acid sequences and confirmed the evidence that suggested the existence of different G-protein-coupled receptors for(More)
The governors of a number of states, including New York and New Jersey, recently imposed 21-day quarantines on health care workers returning to the United States from regions of the world where they may have cared for patients with Ebola virus disease. We understand their motivation for this policy — to protect the citizens of their states from contracting(More)
Human asthma is associated with airway infiltration by T helper 2 (TH2) lymphocytes. We observed reduced expression of the TH1 transcription factor, T-bet, in T cells from airways of patients with asthma compared with that in T cells from airways of nonasthmatic patients, suggesting that loss of T-bet might be associated with asthma. Mice with a targeted(More)
Medical research relies on clinical trials to assess therapeutic benefits. Because of the effort and cost involved in these studies, investigators frequently use analyses of subgroups of study participants to extract as much information as possible. Such analyses, which assess the heterogeneity of treatment effects in subgroups of patients, may provide(More)
1700 JAMC • 21 JUIN 2005; 172 (13) In September 2004, the members of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) published a joint editorial aimed at promoting registration of all clinical trials. We stated that we will consider a trial for publication only if it has been registered before the enrolment of the first patient. This policy(More)