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In this paper, we describe our initial implementation of the KAoS policy and domain services. While initially oriented to the dynamic and complex requirements of software agent applications, the services are also being adapted to general-purpose grid computing and web services environments as well. The KAoS services rely on a DAML description-logic-based(More)
Consider the following six systems-related terms. Sociotechnical systems emerged from research at the Tavistock Institute in the 1950s on the effects of the introduction of powered machines on the work, management-labor relations, and the lives, families, and societies of coal miners. 2 Human-machine systems is the idea, originating in industrial psychology(More)
To increase the assurance with which agents can be deployed in operational settings, we have been developing the KAoS policy and domain services. In conjunction with Nomads strong mobility and safe execution features, KAoS services and tools allow for the specification, management, conflict resolution, and enforcement of DAML-based policies within the(More)
The strength of hippocampal synapses can be persistently increased by signals that activate Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II (CaMKII). This CaMKII-dependent long-term potentiation is important for hippocampal learning and memory. In this work we show that CaMKII exhibits an intriguing switch-like activation that likely is important for changes in(More)
D espite rapid advances in Web Services, the user community's demanding requirements continue to outstrip available technology solutions. To help close this gap, Semantic Web Services advocates are defining and implementing many new and significant capabilities (www.swsi.org). These new capabilities should more fully harness Web Services' power through(More)
NOMADS is a mobile agent system that supports strong mobility (i.e., the ability to capture and transfer the full execution state of mobile agents) and safe Java agent execution (i.e., the ability to control resources consumed by agents, facilitating guarantees of quality of service while protecting against denial of service attacks). The NOMADS environment(More)
Policies are being increasingly used for automated system management and controlling the behavior of complex systems, allowing administrators to modify system behavior without changing source code or requiring the consent or cooperation of the components being governed. Past approaches to policy representation have been restrictive in many ways. By way of(More)
In this paper we define the concept of conversation policies: declarative specifications that govern communications between software agents using an agent communication language. We discuss the role that conversation policies play in agent communication, and suggest several subtypes of conversation policy. Our reasoning suggests, contrary to current(More)