Jeffrey M Bateman

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INTRODUCTION Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) affects one-fifth of the adult population and is currently the commonest liver problem in the western world. The prevalence of NAFLD is likely to rise over the coming decades in parallel to the obesity and diabetes epidemics. A retrospective study was undertaken in a UK. district general hospital (DGH)(More)
Two male cousins with partial 21-hydroxylase deficiency presented with bilateral testicular masses and infertility. In both cases, the testicular masses, consisting of adrenocorticotropic hormone-dependent pluripotential cells, were thought to play a major etiologic role in infertility. The administration of very small doses of dexamethasone, given at 11:00(More)
Follow-up of a previously reported family with dominantly inherited adult onset hypophosphatemic osteomalacia with Fanconi syndrome and diabetes mellitus has shown that both the proposita and her affected sister have developed renal glomerular failure. We describe the evolution of renal failure in this family and discuss the possible mechanisms involved.(More)
Flexible urethrocystoscopy under local anaesthetic was performed on 100 patients as part of their nephrological investigations. This was carried out by a nephrologist, obviating the previous practice of referral to a surgical colleague for rigid instrumentation under general anaesthetic. A pathological diagnosis was made in 69 patients with flexible(More)
INTRODUCTION Portal vein thrombosis (PVT) refers to a thrombosis that occurs in the extrahepatic portal venous system in the presence or absence of underlying liver disease. The clinical presentation of PVT is extremely variable and there is no absolute consensus on its investigation and management. A paucity of literature examining this clinical entity in(More)
AIM To study liver biopsy practice over two decades in a district general hospital in the United Kingdom. METHODS We identified all patients who had at least one liver biopsy between 1986 and 2006 from the databases of the radiology and gastroenterology departments. Subjects with incomplete clinical data were excluded from the study. RESULTS A total of(More)
Although rare, spontaneous oesophageal rupture is a well described and serious cause of chest pain. Endoscopic intervention should be considered. An 83-year-old Caucasian man presented to our institution with a 16-hour history of eight episodes of vomiting which was later associated with frank haematemesis and severe epigastric/chest pain. There was no past(More)