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Fish catches from the coral reefs of the Tulear region (southwest Madagascar), are analyzed based on fish landings. This region of the island consists of two barrier reefs, two coral banks, three lagoon reefs and a fringing reef. The total reef area studied was 190 km2. Of the whole fishing area, the reef flat was the most frequently used by fishermen. Line(More)
Raytheon has developed state of the art GaN on <111> Si HEMT technology employing molecular beam epitaxy (MBE). The lower growth temperature (~750 o C) of molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) relative to MOCVD (~1000 o C) results in both improved thermal performance and reduced microwave loss from the III-V/Si interface. These factors combine to enable state of the(More)
Pushing capacity is a key parameter in athletic racing wheelchair performance. This study estimated the potential contribution of upper limb momentum to pushing. The question is relevant since it may affect the training strategy adopted by an athlete. A muscle-free Lagrangian dynamic model of the upper limb segments was developed and theoretical predictions(More)
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