Jeffrey L. Sponsler

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A 37-year old woman, who had presented 5 years earlier with suspected simple partial seizures, returned with seizures increasing in frequency and intensity, confirmed by video/electroencephalography (VEEG) monitoring with left frontotemporal onset. A low-grade tumor was suspected, given a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) study demonstrating enlargement of(More)
The incidence of seizures is generally accepted to be greater in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) than in the general population, and rarely, MS can initially present as seizure. To present a case report of seizure as the initial symptom of MS, to quantify the occurrence of seizures among MS patients, and to classify patients according to when seizures(More)
results possibly finding better overall solutions. Traub (1994) states that "with a random selection of points, the computation complexity is at most on the order of the reciprocal of the square of the error threshold (1/ε 2)." Testing the usefulness of this criterion is planned. 3. Complex aggregation function is missing. The aggregation of compatibility(More)
A prototype, HPARSER, processes a patient history and physical report such that specific data are obtained and stored in a patient data record. HPARSER is a recursive transition network (RTN) parser, and includes English and medical grammar rules, lexicon, and database constraints. Medical grammar rules augment the grammar rule base and specify common(More)
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