Jeffrey L Simmons

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This article describes some of the factors relevant to the establishment of a universal newborn hearing screening (UNHS) program. First, the difficulty in providing precise estimates of test sensitivity and specificity are reviewed. This section is followed by hypothetical estimates of overall programmatic costs, first for a fixed number of babies to be(More)
This study evaluated the accuracy of acoustic response tests in predicting conductive hearing loss in 161 ears of subjects from the age of 2 to 10 yr, using as a "gold standard" the air-bone gap to classify ears as normal or impaired. The acoustic tests included tympanometric peak-compensated static admittance magnitude (SA) and tympanometric gradient at(More)
OBJECTIVE This study examined whether cochlear implant (CI) recipients with substantial preoperative residual hearing obtained more benefit from a CI than from a hearing aid (HA). STUDY DESIGN Retrospective records review. SETTING Tertiary referral center. PATIENTS Thirty-seven CI recipients (11 children/teens, 26 adults) were identified that met the(More)
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