Jeffrey L. Roehr

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Measurement Ratio tests of analog test values are used to improve product quality using existing ATE test data. The use of measurement ratio tests is shown to have no impact on overall lot test time, while improving product quality through the detection of fabrication and test outliers. The definition of a data driven method to select test pairs for(More)
A new implementation of very-low voltage (VLV) and minimum voltage (Min_Vdd) testing, the VLV ratio test (VLVR) is proposed to improve product quality and reliability by detecting fabrication and test outliers. The VLVR technique was also used to assist in the diagnosis of a stress induced failure mechanism in a 0.13 micron low power (LP) CMOS process
One panelist will be discussing how Tgo breakdown signatures are not the same as what we are used to seeing in thick oxides. Unlfke thick gate oxides (> 3 nm), Tgo breakdown is more difficult to detect because a shaTp transition in leakage current is often abspnt. Defining a limit for breakdown, and the differences between 'leakage', 'soft breakdown', and(More)
The author discusses about outsourcing analog/mixed-signal DFT. At present we still lack a "SAF" metric for measuring analog IC fault coverage, as most analog faults that are found by testing are of a parametric variety, and can not be measured or scored (as in the SAF coverage grade) by using Boolean techniques. To analyze analog and mixed-signal (A/MS)(More)
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