Jeffrey L. Martin

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Massively parallel computation provides an enormous capacity to perform simulations on a timescale that can change the paradigm of how scientists, engineers, and other practitioners use simulations to address discovery and design. This work considers an active flow control application on a realistic and complex wing design that could be leveraged by a(More)
A procedure for fitting multi-exponential functions to experimental data is described. It is fast, requires no initial parameter estimates and is particularly suited to sums of several closely spaced exponentials. The method comprises the application of three well tried numerical techniques: (i) the signal is smoothed by representing it as an abbreviated(More)
The behavior of saturated specimens of cement paste and mortar under monotonic, sustained and cyclic loading, is compated to that of concrete at water-cement ratios of 0.5 and 0.7. Specimen age, at testing, ranges from 27 to 29 days. For monotonic loading, the behavior of each material is described in terms of peak stress, strain at peak stress, and initial(More)
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