Jeffrey L. Korn

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The Zephyr 1 Abstract Syntax Description Language (ASDL) describes the abstract syntax of compiler intermediate representations (IRs) and other tree-like data structures. Just as the lexical and syntactic structures of programming languages are described with regular expressions and context free grammars, ASDL provides a concise notation for describing the(More)
Java applets have been used increasingly on web sites to perform client-side processing and provide dynamic content. While many web site analysis tools are available, their focus has been on static HTML content and most ignore ap-plet code completely. This paper presents Chava, a system that analyzes and tracks changes in Java applets. The tool extracts(More)
ÐWe describe MGV, an integrated visualization and exploration system for massive multidigraph navigation. It adheres to the Visual Information-Seeking Mantra: overview first, zoom and filter, then details on demand. MGV's only assumption is that the vertex set of the underlying digraph corresponds to the set of leaves of a predetermined tree „. MGV builds(More)
We present a web-based portal site for reverse engineering software systems called REportal. REportal enables authorized users to upload their code to a secure web site and then, through the guide of wizards, browse and analyze their code. Currently the portal services include code analysis, browsing, querying, and design extraction for C, C++, and Java(More)
We introduce the notion of Graph Sketches. They can be thought of as visual indices that guide the navigation of a multi-graph too large to fit on the available display. We adhere to the Visual Information-Seeking Mantra: Overview first, zoom and filter, then details on demand. Graph Sketches are incorporated into MGV, an integrated vi-sualization and(More)
This paper describes Tksh, an implementation of the Tcl C library written on top of the library for the new KornShell (ksh93). Tksh emulates the behavior of Tcl by using the API that is provided for extending ksh93, which is similar to the Tcl library in that it allows access to variables, functions and other state of the interpreter. This implementation(More)