Jeffrey L. Fellows

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The incidence of osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ) in the population is low, but specifics are unknown. Potential risk factors include bisphosphonate treatment, steroid treatment, osteoporosis, and head/neck radiation. This Dental Practice-Based Research Network study estimated ONJ incidence and odds ratios from bisphosphonate exposure and other risk factors(More)
OBJECTIVES State and national tobacco quitlines have expanded rapidly and offer a range of services. We examined the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of offering callers single session versus multisession counselling, with or without free nicotine patches. METHODS This 3x2 randomised trial included 4614 Oregon tobacco quitline callers and compared(More)
Radon and cigarette smoking have synergistic effects on lung cancer risk. Electric utility company bill stuffers offered free radon test kits to households with at least one smoker. Participating households (n = 1364) were randomized within a 2 x 2 design to evaluate the main effects of brief telephone counseling and a targeted video on smoking cessation(More)
UNLABELLED OBJECTIVES. The authors report on a study aimed at quantifying the carious lesion depths at which dentists intervene surgically for cases of varying caries penetration and caries risk. They also aimed to identify characteristics that are associated with surgical intervention. METHODS The investigators surveyed dentists enrolled in a dental(More)
PURPOSE Scientific evidence supports the application of caries-preventive agents in children and adolescents, and this knowledge must be applied to the practice of dentistry. There are few multi-region data that allow for comparisons of practice patterns between types of dental practices and geographical regions. The objective of the present study was to(More)
This study sought to quantify the depths of proximal caries lesions that lead dentists in regular clinical practice to intervene restoratively, based on hypothetical scenarios that present radiographic images and patient background information, and to identify characteristics associated with restorative intervention in lesions that have penetrated only the(More)
OBJECTIVES To identify factors that are significantly associated with dentists' use of specific caries preventive agents in adult patients, and whether dentists who use one preventive agent are also more likely to use certain others. METHODS Data were collected from 564 practitioners in The Dental Practice-Based Research Network, a multi-region consortium(More)
OBJECTIVES Practice-based research networks (PBRNs) provide a venue to foster evidence-based care. We tested the hypothesis that a higher level of participation in a dental PBRN is associated with greater stated change toward evidence-based practice. METHODS A total of 565 dental PBRN practitioner-investigators completed a baseline questionnaire entitled(More)
BACKGROUND "Pay for performance" is an incentive system that has been gaining acceptance in medicine and is currently being considered for implementation in dentistry. However, it remains unclear whether pay for performance can effect significant and lasting changes in provider behavior and quality of care. Provider acceptance will likely increase if pay(More)
INTRODUCTION This article reports on the feasibility of conducting a large-scale endodontic prospective cohort study in The National Dental Practice-Based Research Network. This study was designed to measure pain and burden associated with initial orthograde root canal therapy (RCT) and to explore potential prognostic factors for pain outcomes. The main(More)