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Two procedures were used to estimate the relative contribution of neurotransmission failure (NF) to fatigue of the rat diaphragm at different rates of phrenic nerve stimulation. In one, direct muscle stimulation was intermittently superimposed on neural stimulation of the diaphragm, and the relative contribution of NF was estimated by the difference in(More)
The genetic bases for species-specific traits are widely sought, but reliable experimental methods with which to identify functionally divergent genes are lacking. In the Saccharomyces genus, interspecies complementation tests can be used to evaluate functional conservation and divergence of biological pathways or networks. Silent information regulator(More)
In this paper, we present an integrated yield ramp approach with short loop and precise yield modeling. The short loop allows quicker cycle time and overall yield ramp up to world class yield level with above industry average arima learning rate. In order for the short loop to be an effective vehicle, it must cover the entire design and process space and(More)
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