Jeffrey Kentor

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We review three decades of research linking social network methods with world systems theory. We identify four themes nested within two versions of a general social network methodology—the identification of network Roles and Position. The themes vary by the type of data and the definition of equivalence used to identify roles and positions. Second, we(More)
Military expenditures have escalated over the last three decades in both developed and less developed countries, without a corresponding expansion of military personnel. Spending has instead been directed towards hi-tech weaponry, what we refer to as the "new" military. We hypothesize that this new, increasingly capital-intensive military is no longer a(More)
This research examines the changing relationships between economic space and geographic space over the past thirty years as a result of the global dispersion of production and the expansion of transnational corporations, a process commonly referred to as “globalization”. We study a hypothesized de-coupling of economic and geographic space by examining the(More)
This dissertation is an inquiry focused on the causal relationship between foreign direct investment (FDI) and economic growth in both developed and developing countries. Chapter 1 surveys the theoretical foundations and seminal empirical works, and motivates the remainder of the dissertation. This chapter shows that theory mainly points (More)
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