Jeffrey K. McConnell

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Pretreatment of rats with 10 mg of ethylestrenol (17alpha-ethylestr-4-en-17beta-ol) by force feeding twice daily for three days and once on the fourth day decreased the severity of parathion (0,0-diethyl 0-4-nitrophenyl phosphorothioate) toxicity and caused a 150% increase in the parathion LD50 in male animals. It decreased by 51% cholinesterase inhibition(More)
The free-to-roll technique is used as a tool for predicting areas of uncommanded lateral motions. Recently, the NASA/Navy/Air Force Abrupt Wing Stall Program extended the use of this technique to the transonic speed regime. Using this technique, this paper evaluates various wing configurations on the pre-production F/A-18E aircraft and the Joint Strike(More)
Protection against the toxicity of parathion (increased LD50) was provided by preadministered ethylestrenol and, to a lesser extent, by norbolethone and spironlactone. Ethylestrenol and norbolethone also offered protection against paraoxon toxicity. With ethylestrenol and spironolactone, the protection against parathion lethality was greater than that(More)
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