Jeffrey J. Warren

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We evaluated the utility of the CEN Categorical Structure for Nursing Diagnoses as a terminology model for integrating nursing diagnosis concepts into SNOMED. First, we dissected nursing diagnosis term phrases from two source terminologies (North American Nursing Diagnosis Association (NANDA) Taxonomy 1 and Omaha System) into the semantic categories of the(More)
HTML5 is being developed as the next major revision of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), the core markup language of the World Wide Web. It aims at reducing the need for proprietary, plug-in-based rich Internet application (RIA) technologies such as Adobe Flash. The canvas element is part of HTML5 and is used to draw graphics using scripting (e.g.,(More)
OBJECTIVES Missing laboratory data is a common issue, but the optimal method of imputation of missing values has not been determined. The aims of our study were to compare the accuracy of four imputation methods for missing completely at random laboratory data and to compare the effect of the imputed values on the accuracy of two clinical predictive models.(More)
We used Linear Genetic Programming (LGP) to study the extent to which automated learning techniques may be used to improve Unexploded Ordinance (UXO) discrimination from Protem-47 and Geonics EM61 non-invasive electromagnetic sensors. We conclude that: (1) Even after geophysicists have analyzed the EM61 signals and ranked anomalies in order of the(More)
Blue copper proteins (BCPs) comprise classic cases of Nature's profound control over the electronic structures and chemical reactivity of transition metal ions. Early studies of BCPs focused on their inner coordination spheres, that is, residues that directly coordinate Cu. Equally important are the electronic and geometric perturbations to these ligands(More)
We have investigated the kinetics of NO escape from Geobacillus stearothermophilus nitric oxide synthase (gsNOS). Previous work indicated that NO release was gated at position 223 in mammalian enzymes; our kinetics experiments include mutants at that position along with measurements on the wild type enzyme. Employing stopped-flow UV-vis methods, reactions(More)
Removing underground, unexploded bombs, mortars, cannon-shells and other ordnance ("MEC" or "UXO") from former military ranges is difficult and expensive. The principal difficulty is discriminating intact, underground ordnance from other metallic items such as fragments of exploded ordnance ("Clutter"), magnetic rocks, and "historic" items such as(More)
We constructed two artificial multiple-step electron transfer (hopping) systems based on Pseudomonas aeruginosa azurin where a tyrosine (YOH) is situated between Ru(2,2′-bipyridine)2(imidazole)(histidine) and the native copper site: RuH107YOH109 and RuH124-YOH122. We investigated the rates of CuI oxidation by flash-quench generated RuIII over a range of(More)
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