Jeffrey J. McConnell

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Active and cooperative learning provides one way to encourage student involvement with course material. This second article in a series on active and cooperative learning discusses different levels of risk in class exercises and how activities can be designed to minimize that risk. Asking questions and class discussions are ways to enliven the classroom.(More)
Active and cooperative learning can energize the instructor, students, and the classroom. This third article in a series on active and cooperative learning discusses the characteristics that make groups effective as well as techniques for the formation and evaluation of groups. Icebreaking exercises that can demonstrate the value of cooperation and teamwork(More)
Object-oriented solutions are becoming an established paradigm for writing robust, reusable software. Many object-oriented languages have begun to appear. This paper examines how the special object-oriented concepts might be implemented in a compiler using the also well-established tool of attribute grammars.
A system to generate pictures of plants requires a model for plant growth, that includes size and shape influences, and a renderer to produce images from the model output. The model of this two step process is examined, from a basis in botanical research. An enhancement of graph grammars to three dimensions is presented for the model of plant growth. A(More)
Computer Graphics is maturing and is emerging as a discipline, much in the way that artificial intelligence, robotics, and cognitive science have emerged. Computer graphics is also broadly based, with contributions from the arts, computer science, engineering, physical sciences, and even psychology. The panelists, members of ACM-SIGGRAPH's Education(More)
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