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In an analysis of the genomic variation of AIDS retroviral isolates from patients living in New York, Alabama, and Zaire, restriction maps were constructed by using seven enzymes, each known to cleave the proviral DNA more than once, in conjunction with Southern blot analysis. The maps of LAV, HTLV-III, and ARV-2 as deduced from their published nucleotide(More)
The pyrazoloacridine (PZA) analogue NSC366140 (PD115934) entered clinical trial based on unique preclinical characteristics including solid tumor selectivity in vitro, marked antitumor activity in vivo against murine solid tumors, selectivity against noncycling cells, and activity against multidrug-resistant tumor cells. After identification of the(More)
SR233377 is a novel thioxanthenone analogue that demonstrated solid tumor selectivity in vitro with activity confirmed in vivo against several murine tumors including those of colon, pancreas, and mammary origin. Its primary preclinical dose-limiting toxicities included myelosuppression and neurological toxicity. The neurological toxicity was acute and(More)
Regrowth of dual-purpose canola after grazing is important for commercial success and the aim of this research was to investigate the effects of defoliation on the development, growth, photosynthesis and allocation of carbohydrates. We conducted two pot experiments in which defoliation was conducted at multiple intensities with scissors. Experiment 1(More)
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