Jeffrey I. Gyi

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The structures of d(GAAGAGAAGC).d(GCTTCTCTTC), d(GAAGAGAAGC). r(GCUUCUCUUC), r(GAAGAGAAGC).d(GCTTCTCTTC), and r(GAAGAGAAGC). r(GCUUCUCUUC) have been determined in solution from NMR data. Globally, the pure DNA and RNA duplexes were in the B and A forms, respectively. The two DNA.RNA hybrids were neither A nor B, but closer globally to the A than the B form.(More)
The conformations and thermodynamic stabilities of duplexes containing purine-rich (GAA-GAGAAGC) and pyrimidine-rich (GCTTCTCTTC or GCUUCUCUUC) DNA and RNA strands have been measured by UV melting, electrophoresis, circular dichroism, and NMR spectroscopy. The free energies of stabilization (-delta G) were in the order rR.rY > rR.dY > dR.dY > dR.rY. The two(More)
The stereochemical and dynamic properties of the C2' hydroxyl group in several DNA.RNA hybrids have been measured by NMR and compared with the homologous RNA duplex. The C2'-OH NMR signals of the RNA strands were identified, and numerous specific assignments were made. The rate constants for exchange of the hydroxyl protons with water were determined at 5(More)
The addition of the propynyl group at the 5 position of pyrimidine nucleotides is highly stabilising. We have determined the thermodynamic stability of the DNA.RNA hybrid r(GAAGAGAAGC)*d(GC(p)U(p)U(p)C(p)U(p) C(p)U(p)U(p)C) where p is the propynyl group at the 5 position and compared it with that of the unmodified duplex and the effects of methyl(More)
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