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The ubiquitous SAR11 bacterial clade is the most abundant type of organism in the world's oceans, but the reasons for its success are not fully elucidated. We analysed 128 surface marine metagenomes, including 37 new Antarctic metagenomes. The large size of the data set enabled internal transcribed spacer (ITS) regions to be obtained from the Southern polar(More)
Integration of clinical decision support services (CDSS) into electronic health records (EHRs) may be integral to widespread dissemination and use of clinical prediction rules in the emergency department (ED). However, the best way to design such services to maximize their usefulness in such a complex setting is poorly understood. We conducted a multi-site(More)
1 This position paper argues that a concerted national effort to develop technologies for robotic service applications is critical and timely—targeting research on integrated systems for mobility and manual dexterity. This technology provides critical support for several important emerging markets, including: health care; service and repair of orbiting(More)
Modeling the effects of stress birefringence is critical for polarization sensitive optical systems. Optical design and optomechanical software tools to model stress birefringence are discussed and illustrated for three examples. The first example compares retardance in calcium fluoride lenses as a function of shape. The second example discusses the(More)
Lateral deformations caused by the installation of 0.76 m to 1.5 m diameter, caissons were measured by inclinometers placed at the excavation for the Lurie Research Center in Chicago, IL. The bells of the caissons were founded at an average elevation of –23.8 m Chicago City Datum (CCD). Subsurface conditions at the site and construction techniques used to(More)
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  • 2009
Executive Summary World Health Organization guidelines for treatment of tuberculosis (TB) call for directly observed treatment (DOT) to monitor patient medication adherence (WHO, 2008; Frieden & Sbarbaro, 2007). DOT poses numerous structural barriers for both healthcare workers and patients. The purpose of this pilot study was to assess feasibility and(More)
The care of patients with shunted hydrocephalus can be complicated. The best assessment is provided when all data are available to the neurosurgery practitioner. However, data can be time-consuming to gather, especially in the setting of a busy practice, a trainee environment with duty-hour restrictions, and an electronic medical record (EMR) not(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the architecture, integration requirements, and execution characteristics of a remote clinical decision support (CDS) service used in a multicenter clinical trial. The trial tested the efficacy of implementing brain injury prediction rules for children with minor blunt head trauma. MATERIALS AND METHODS We integrated the Epic(®)(More)