Jeffrey Hochberg

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In three experiments, observers who were instructed to perceive one of two alternative depth arrangements of a three-dimensional wire cube fixated near one of two intersections that differed in the degree to which they specified the cube's veridical depth organization. In order to separate perceptual effects from experimenter effects, we measured indirect(More)
This work presents a framework of tolerance analysis of microparts in microassembly. Tolerance analysis at the micro scale has not been investigated so far even though tolerance analysis at the macro scale has extensively been investigated to improve an assembly yield. It is important to know the positional uncertainties and statistical distribution of(More)
Boselie and Leeuwenberg (1986) recently defended their version of the minimum principle, called structural information theory or SIT, against a varied set of criticisms. Two of the most notable of these criticisms are (i) that perceptual organization can proceed as a piecemeal, rather than as a global, process (as demonstrated by partially-biased Necker(More)
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