Jeffrey Hankins

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The metabolism of [14C]putrescine was studied in sliced rat liver in vitro. delta1-Pyrroline and gamma-aminobutyric acid, known metabolic products of putrescine, were found in the medium. However, 2-pyrrolidone was the major product of the metabolism of putrescine secreted into the medium. 2-Pyrrolidone was also synthesized from putrescine by spleen and(More)
Perchloric acid-extractable whole blood spermidine and spermine concentrations were determined over a 4-week period in three men, four women, and one ovariectomized woman. Individual male spermidine/spermine ratios showed little fluctuation and similar values were obtained for each of the three males studied. Male spermidine and spermine concentrations,(More)
The uniform box product was introduced by Scott Williams in 2001, but very little was done with it until the recent (2010 and 2012) [B1], [H1] dissertations of Jocelyn Bell and Jeffrey Hankins. Their results had to do with two questions that Williams posed a decade earlier: whether the uniform box product of compact spaces is normal, and whether it is(More)
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