Jeffrey H. Newhouse

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Determination of myocardial infarct size is important for clinical management of patients with ischemic heart disease and for research on limiting infarct size. Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) imaging permits tomographic depiction of the distribution of mobile tissue protons. NMR images have demonstrated high spatial resolution and contrast. To evaluate(More)
A quadtree-based data compression algorithm can provide different levels of compression within and outside of regions of interest (ROIs). The current study shows whether ROI compression can provide greater compression or diagnostic accuracy than uniform quadtree compression. In 75 single CT images from 75 consecutive abdominal examinations, 43 abnormalities(More)
The objective of this study was to determine correlation between structural anatomy and surface coil spin-echo MR imaging of the rat kidney and the effect of hydration state on MR signal intensities of the cortex and medulla. Twelve rats were studied in a pilot study with a 3-inch surface coil in a 1.5 T magnet under five different states of hydration.(More)
The diagnostic yield of a commercial teleradiology/picture archiving and communication system (ATT-Philips Comm View T/PACS) was evaluated for 100 urograms. A single image from each examination was digitized (2048 x 1684 x 12-bit pixels) and transmitted from a satellite hospital over a T-1 line using the T/PACS system. The video display of each digitized(More)
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