Jeffrey H. Kingston

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Scheduling lectures or exams for universities is a large and complex task. There are many different departments and faculties, each with their own ideas about how and when their courses should be run. Furthermore, modularisation means that students can take courses from a combination of several departments, possibly even in different faculties. Numerous(More)
The foundation courses in Computer Science pose particular challenges for teacher and learner alike. This paper describes some of these challenges and how we have designed Problem-Based Learning (PBL) courses to address them. We discuss the particular problems we were keen to overcome: the pure technical focus of many courses; the problems of individual(More)
In this paper we investigate the inherent complexity of the priority queue abstract data type. We show that, under reasonable assumptions, there exist sequences of n Insert, n Delete, m DecreaseKey and t FindMin operations, where 1 ≤ t ≤ n, which have Ω(nlogt + n + m) complexity. Although Fibonacci heaps do not achieve this bound, we present a modified(More)